Month: August 2019

Clarity - Action - Results

Fall 2019 Red Chair Offerings

Over the course of my career, one of the things I learned is that the more aware I was of me, the better I could lead others and the better I could lead with others. Greater awareness of my strategic intentions led to a clearer articulation of my vision and informed conversations with my team…
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Red Chair Women Who Lead 2019/20 Series

This is a transformative women’s leadership program designed for mid-career women in professional and leadership roles. This 5-part Series weaves together themes that will encourage you to reflect upon yourself and set a course of action to lead authentically with power and purpose. With revised content from the Winter/Spring 2019 Series, it features engaging presentations,…
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Red Chair Leadership Immersion for Women October 10 & 11, 2019

Red Chair: Leadership Immersion for Women is a strengths-based leadership program designed for mid-career women formally leading or preparing for a leadership role. This program is for you if you have a sincere desire to understand who and how you are so you can more fully live out your purpose as a woman who leads.…
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A Little Sweat Goes a Long Way

“Confidence comes from discipline and training.” anonymous Over the last number of years, on three separate occasions, I challenged myself to an intense 14-week fitness program at Aspire Fitness called Push-Ups to Pin-Ups. Each time I cleaned up my eating, worked out 4 times a week at the gym, mostly did my cardio homework, and…
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