A Day in Your Red Chair – May 2020

Clarity - Action - Results

A Day in Your Red Chair – May 2020

Women Who Lead, if you could spend a day with a group of women in a trusted and supportive space to gain greater clarity about your

  • purpose
  • strengths
  • limiting and empowering beliefs
  • presence
  • self-care
  • perspective on abundance and gratitude . . .

would you?

If you spent a day like that and were asked to commit to continuing your self-exploration in the summer with the support of your accountable partners . . .

would you?

If you spent a day like that with a commitment to spend some time on you this summer and were invited back in September to share your story . . .

would you?

Since launching Red Chair just over a year ago, I have consistently heard women talk about how they are surprised at how quickly women open up and ‘get real’ with one another when they are sitting in their Red Chairs. Whether it is through the Red Chair Series or Red Chair Leadership Immersion, women find themselves contributing to and experiencing a space that is hard to find. A space that invites them to explore who and how they are so that they can be the woman who leads that they want to be.

A Day in Your Red Chair will be a three-part experience that facilitates dialogue, self-reflection and community. It will focus on some of the critical elements of our personal foundation from which we act and from which we are.

This will be a unique experience that will help you gain greater clarity so that you can lead yourself and others with meaning and purpose.

This day is for any woman who finds herself needing to go back to those foundational aspects of her being. They are relevant no matter where we find ourselves in life as a formal leader, a professional, a student, at the beginning of your career, mid-career, entering retirement, or a stay-at-home-mom.

A woman who leads, leads in many different places. We have an impact no matter where we are.

We are confirming the venue and are looking at a day in early May. As you consider your options for self-development in 2020, I encourage you to consider spending some time in your Red Chair. Come and join the emerging and growing community of Red Chair women who desire to live their true, authentic self.

More details to come in January for this unique and engaging experience!


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