Acknowledging Others – Another Lesson from Annie

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Acknowledging Others – Another Lesson from Annie

It was very windy one day last week when I was at the barn spending time with Annie. An Arabian, she is an intelligent and perceptive mare. She was very cognizant of what was she was sensing and hearing outside the barn, and therefore a little distracted.

As I wanted to do some work with her, I was best served to acknowledge what she was perceiving and experiencing around her. As I gave her time to process, she became more present with me.

Respecting her as a sentient being, I focused on being present and respectful of her. It enabled me to take a more purposeful approach to the work I wanted to do in partnership with her.

It got me thinking about leadership. As a leader, when I took the time to acknowledge what others were experiencing, I was able to adjust my approach. It might have meant taking some time to listen when I knew I had other things to do. It might have meant helping them work through a block. In some cases, it might have meant adjusting my expectations.

As leaders, in this fast-paced world of instant almost anything, I invite you to consider this lesson from Annie. We work in a system of people and dynamics. When we are able to take the time to consider what those around us are experiencing, it gives us data about how to best partner with them so that everyone can experience success.

Which is what happened with Annie and I that day as I lead her through our exercises.


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