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Clarity - Action - Results

Getting Unstuck. Moving Forward.

I recently had two coaching sessions at Red Chair Ranch. Each of the women came with a different intention and focus. Both left with clarity and peace. After meeting the horses, each of them found themselves in the round pen with Annie. These coaching sessions were reminders to me about how easy it is to…
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Red Chair Virtual Circle: Emotions are Information

Starts Monday, October 19th. As we continue on this journey called life, each and every day, we think and we feel. Through my equine coaching studies and as I begin my coaching with horses practice, I am choosing to practice what I invite clients to do. Use emotions as information. Depending on our conditioning, how…
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Red Chair Circle – Leading with Resilience and Heart

Red Chair Circle – Leading with Resilience and Heart is an opportunity for women who have experienced success in their careers and feel like it is time to celebrate, take stock and set your path for the next chapter. This will be a small group who will come together in and around Winnipeg, over the…
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Taking Time To Feel

Our emotions are an important part of us. They give us information about how we are feeling. That seems like an obvious statement. However, how many times do we stuff them down or try to ignore them because we are afraid of what they are telling us? In my last blog post, I shared an…
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Letting Go, Making Room, Moving Forward

Red Chair Virtual Circle – Resiliency, Emotions and Me. One of the things I am learning on my journey to better understand emotions and how they help us is that they are always true. What we feel is what we feel. When we recognize our emotions and the gifts they give us, we can make…
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