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Clarity - Action - Results

Seeing What’s In Front of Us

The other day I brought a friend to the barn to meet Annie. She hung out with Annie and I as I groomed Annie and got her ready to spend time in the arena. After I exercised my beautiful mare, my friend had the opportunity to walk and “be” with her. After our visit, my…
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Transitions Require Time

In a coaching conversation yesterday I shared an a’ha that I had earlier in the day. It was about expectations and time. Annie and I partnered up six weeks ago. She moved from a small quiet farm where she lived with two other horses to a larger farm, just outside of Winnipeg, close to the…
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Leading Requires Us to be Present

In our busy, fast-paced, increasingly technological world, this can be challenging. Meet Annie. Annie is teaching me about the importance of being present. She reminds me that leading is an ongoing journey. It requires us to have the courage to examine ourselves, what we do well, when we drop the ball, when we are distracted…
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