Coaching with Horses @ Red Chair Ranch – Where Horses Help Humans Lead

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Coaching with Horses @ Red Chair Ranch – Where Horses Help Humans Lead

This afternoon I decided to follow my gut and write a short post before my updated website is ready, before my new logo is done and before my fall Red Chair line-up is finalized. Those are well on their way and I will share that information soon.

One of the things that my Certification in Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC) has taught me, is to follow my intuition. In fact, that is what got me to pursue it. And it is what lead my husband and I to buy a beautiful 20 acre property to create Red Chair Ranch.

The intent of this post is to stir up your curiosity about how horses can help you lead yourself and others and how horses can help you get back to who you are meant to be. During this time of uncertainty, of living and working differently, many of us are examining our values, the way that we lead, and the way that we live. We are finding ourselves wondering how we got to where we are and where is it that we really want to go.

What I have come to learn in the past year and a half through my certification is that horses have much to teach us about ourselves. They are sentient, energetic beings. When we are with them, they sense our energy and respond. If we are open to it, this can provide insights about ourselves and our life far beyond what a human coach can accomplish alone.

I have begun to offer coaching with horses sessions at Red Chair Ranch. I have witnessed what my herd can do as they coach leaders, professionals and teens. The impact has been immediate and powerful. I have received many encouraging and touching comments after an individual has spent time with my herd and I. Perhaps most touching was a comment from a mom of a 12-year old who spent time with Annie. When she asked him what he had learned from his time with the horses, his response was, “how to breathe”.

If you are curious, if you desire coaching that truly has the potential to transform, send me a note and let’s chat. I would love to tell you more! Annie, Jack and I look forward to your time @ Red Chair Ranch – Where Horses Help Humans Lead.


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