Connection & Curiosity: Red Chair Virtual Circle – March 30

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Connection & Curiosity: Red Chair Virtual Circle – March 30

On March 30th a group of growth-oriented women came together in their Red Chairs to talk about what it means to be present. We asked ourselves, to what extent are we aware of that which is going on around us and at the same time, aware of what we are experiencing internally. What emotions arise as we go throughout our day as we experience life differently than we did a month ago?

Honouring the space of Red Chair, there was open and honest dialogue as women spoke about the opportunities and the challenges they are experiencing amidst COVID-19. I listened as women spoke about uncertainty, fear and frustration. And then I heard them speak about connection, curiosity, relief, gratefulness, creativity, courage and unity.

One person shared with me after the call that

I felt noticeably different after that session – I felt tremendous gratitude and hope.  I definitely left it better than how I started!

Monday, April 6th is the second of five Red Chair Virtual Circles. The focus of our dialogue will be “Identifying Opportunities”.

If you joined last week, if you have participated in Red Chair before and feel now is the time to return, if you are curious about it and haven’t yet joined in, if you feel like an hour with a group of women who desire to lead themselves and others with power and grace is what you need right now, come and join us for an hour of dialogue and connection.There is no charge for this Series.

Here is the Zoom link and Meeting ID.

Meeting ID: 501 481 189

If you require phone access, please contact me directly.

Have your journal or some paper and a pen with you.

Pour yourself a beverage – coffee, tea, water, wine.

Ensure you are somewhere you will not be interrupted. Leave your phone in another room, unless you are using it for the call. 🙂 Turn off incoming notifications on your computer.

Log on a few minutes early so that we can begin promptly at 7 p.m. CT.

I look forward to seeing you in your Red Chair on Monday, April 6th!


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