Fall 2019 Red Chair Offerings

Clarity - Action - Results

Fall 2019 Red Chair Offerings

Over the course of my career, one of the things I learned is that the more aware I was of me, the better I could lead others and the better I could lead with others.

Greater awareness of my strategic intentions led to a clearer articulation of my vision and informed conversations with my team about how to make it a reality.

Greater awareness of my strengths and opportunities led to informed development plans and clearer coaching goals. I leveraged executive coaching and different professional development opportunities to further develop, and to better leverage the knowledge, experience and skills that I have.

Having a clear sense of purpose led me to make a significant career change.

I benefited from others who I learned from and who learned from me. Executive coaches, experienced colleagues, consultants with breadth and depth of knowledge were all part of my circle.

One thing I could have benefited from was a trusted circle of female leaders with similiar challenges and opportunities. What I am finding is that this is a common desire.

This is why I believe so strongly in the concept of Red Chair. And the initial Series and the first offering of Red Chair Leadership Immersion proved it out.

Coming together with other women in a safe and trusted space to reflect with purpose, engage with presence so you can drive with clarity benefits individuals and the collective.

If you feel the same, the Red Chair Series may be a good fit for you. Over the course of 5 sessions in 6 months you will experience a trusted space to explore who and how you are as a woman who leads. The first session is Thursday, September 26th. Register now to reserve your spot.

If you are at a point in your career where you feel it is time to explore your strengths and opportunities and define who you are as a woman who leads, check out Red Chair Leadership Immersion for Women. This is a small group workshop on October 10 and 11. Register soon to ensure you don’t miss out!

If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself in the gym and at work, Red Chair BeStrong brings together a tried and true 14-week exercise program with professional coaching. We will explore how the positive impacts of pushing oneself physically impacts us personally and professionally. BeStrong starts September 9th so don’t hesitate to reach out to get more info!

Organizations need women and men who lead together. How we show up makes a difference. If you are a woman who leads, come and spend some time in your Red Chair this fall and gain further clarity that inspires action and gets results.


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