Fall 2020 Red Chair Offerings

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Fall 2020 Red Chair Offerings

@ Red Chair Coaching our vision is a connected world of courageous people who live intentionally from the head and the heart.

Women who lead . . . to lead ourselves and others, requires a willingness and vulnerability to learn about ourselves. And that learning never stops. Over time, we find that . . .

Our environments evolve.

Expectations change.

Reporting structures shift.

Our personal lives unfold.

Each change impacts us. And how we adapt to and adopt these changes, not only impacts us, it impacts those around us.

Couple that with a world-wide pandemic and we find ourselves with increased demands and complexities that we have not experienced before. We may be challenged to skill-up our people management skills, find creative ways to get work done and meet targets, stay connected with friends, while taking care of ourselves and our family.

Our emotions may feel like they are at the surface sometimes. We may be experiencing some with greater intensity than we have before. We may not recognize them or stuff them down, perhaps not leveraging them to help us navigate.

If this is resonating with you, here are three Red Chair offerings coming up this fall. I invite you to consider which one is right for you.

Red Chair Virtual Circle – Resiliency, Emotions and Me Part 1 is a four-part Series for women in any stage of life to come together and explore how they use their emotions to be their authentic self. Leveraging the work of Karla McLaren and others, we will explore how we use our mind and our emotions to recognize and process what we are experiencing and make conscious choices.

Over four Mondays starting on October 19 and continuing bi-weekly on November 2, 16 and 30th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. CT on Zoom, women will actively participate and receive valuable information while connecting with like-minded women who desire to live authentically.

You will find more information and can register at Event Brite.

Red Chair Leadership Immersion is an intensive, strengths-based, two-day workshop designed for mid-career women who desire a deeper understanding of themselves and want to increase their influence and impact. This program is for you if you have a sincere desire to better understand your strengths, your opportunities, how you want to ‘show up’ and who you want to be as a woman who leads.

Due to COVID, the fall offering will be facilitated virtually over 4 half-day sessions on Fridays starting on October 23rd.

Feedback about Red Chair Leadership Immersion has been very positive. Here is what one leader said about the investment she made for a leader on her team.

Leadership is all about recognizing, nurturing and developing the potential in people and processes. I chose to invest in a leader within my organization. Through her participation in Red Chair Leadership Immersion, I have seen first-hand the positive impact the program has had on how she leads every day.  She is a good leader and now leads with increased conviction, intent, clarity and purpose.  I highly recommend this program for individuals and sponsors who want to invest in leadership development that has a far reaching impact. Nicole Stewart. Vice President, Payworks.

You will find more information and can register at Event Brite.

Red Chair Circle – Leading with Resilience and Heart is an intensive 6 month experience for professional women who have experienced success in their careers and desire some meaningful self-work about who they are, what’s next and how they want to contribute to those around them. Success often comes with a price. At times we find ourselves losing sight of me – my values, my strengths, my needs, and how I want to influence and contribute. At times, we find ourselves  re-evaluating, second-guessing, feeling alone and desiring more.This is a small group Red Chair experience that begins in October. For more information, please contact me directly – shannon@seecoachandconsult.ca.

Women who lead, it is when we have the courage to look within that we can truly lead ourselves and others. Consider spending some time in your Red Chair this fall.


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