Getting Unstuck. Moving Forward.

Clarity - Action - Results

Getting Unstuck. Moving Forward.

I recently had two coaching sessions at Red Chair Ranch. Each of the women came with a different intention and focus. Both left with clarity and peace.

After meeting the horses, each of them found themselves in the round pen with Annie.

These coaching sessions were reminders to me about how easy it is to block ourselves from moving forward. Or put another way, how good we can be at staying stuck. And I include myself in that.

A lot of times we do this through our thoughts.

We over-analyze.

We have countless what-ifs.

We listen to the saboteur within us and give it too much power.

And when we do this, we hold the energy of those thoughts inside of us. And that energy blocks us from moving forward.

When I coach with the horses, we talk about what you are thinking. And we talk about how you are feeling. Yep, that means to be with the horses and benefit from their wisdom, you have to be vulnerable.

Our bodies have a lot of wisdom to share with us. Our emotions, which we feel through the sensations in our bodies, provide us with important information. The horses feel this through our energy. And they respond without judgement. Which is one of the reasons they are good coaches.

The sessions were very different and had important commonalities.

  • Each of the women released at least one belief that was holding them back.
  • They replaced that belief with another one that will help them move forward.
  • They made a choice to change something.
  • They felt it in their body.
  • They left with an action they will take as a result of their time with Annie and I.

Coaching with horses is truly unique. And can be incredibly powerful. As Winston Churchill once said:

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

If you are curious and would like to learn more about coaching with horses, send me a note to set up a time to chat.

@ Red Chair Coaching our vision is a connected world of courageous people who live intentionally from the head and the heart.


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