If you could spend a day in your Red Chair. . .

Clarity - Action - Results

If you could spend a day in your Red Chair. . .

. . . what would you want to talk about?

. . . reflect on?

. . . think about?

An idea is percolating to create a day-long experience where women come together in their Red Chair, to learn, network, celebrate and re-energize.

SEE Coaching and Consulting is collaborating with representatives of the 100+ women who have experienced Red Chair in the past 12 months to provide a safe and trusted space where women can be real, where they can support and challenge one another, and that will generate positive outcomes for individuals and community.

Whether it is through a formal leadership role, as a professional who influences and impacts others daily, or a young professional who is striving to develop and grow into an authentic woman who leads, each of us has a purpose that goes beyond ourselves. Do you have clarity about your purpose and how you influence and impact others? If you do not, what difference would that make for you?

Women who have spent time in their Red Chair are saying this.

Red Chair is an opportunity to connect and explore the opportunities to develop and celebrate our unique and diverse competencies that contribute to an organization.

Red Chair provides relevant topics for a woman who leads. The information shared by Shannon and others is very useful and has had a strong impact on some of my leadership behaviours.

Red Chair is the opportunity to learn about yourself as a leader and how you want to be.

If you could spend a day in your Red Chair with other women, where you can reflect with purpose, engage with presence so you can drive with clarity, what would that look like?

Please reply with your ideas so we can create a meaningful Day in Your Red Chair with lasting impact.

Thank you!


4 Responses

  1. Barbara Balshaw-Dow says:

    I would spend a day creating a business plan for the year to officially launch my business.
    Connections made so that I can receive referrals; space organized and goals set.

  2. Jay-Lynne Leppky says:

    I would have the attendees do a strengths assessment prior to the conversation, and have the group reflect on our strengths, and how to use these to lead authentically.

    Also work on our personal leadership visions.

    Also have some female leaders in the community come and speak about opportunities for leadership, and the ways we can give back to our community (I am thinking United Way or the likes)

    That was more than one, you got me thinking about all of the wonderful things that could happen with a whole day connecting with other women leaders.

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