Keith Macpherson

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Keith Macpherson

Author, Speaker and Life Coach

May 30, 2019

In this dynamic presentation and workshop, Mindfulness Coach, Keith Macpherson demystifies the meaning and practice of mindfulness and offers concrete and practical tools and strategies to apply mindfulness to one’s everyday life. One can expect to gain a deeper awareness into how to de-stress, reclaim a proper work-life balance and live the life they are imagining through Keith’s five step framework towards a more mindful and fulfilling life. Keith integrates music, movement and group interaction into his presentations to ensure a dynamic learning environment that will support the projected outcomes and assist the participants in experiencing personal growth. Discover what has been stopping you from living a mindful life and expect to come away with a new outlook on how you can truly convert stress and burnout into successful inner peace and balance. 

About Keith

Keith Macpherson has a big vision. He believes that mindfulness can and will be made accessible to everybody on the planet. As an author, speaker, and trained life coach through CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) along with a Bachelor of Education degree, Keith is poised to be a global leader in the workplace culture, improving overall mental health and wellness. 

In his new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness, Keith introduces his five-step framework to assist the masses in comprehending the buzz word “mindfulness” and how to practically integrate this powerful practice into day to day life. Aside from his work in mental health, Keith is also known for his work as a professional musician, most notably being a top finalist on the hit television series, Canadian Idol. 

As a professional speaker, Keith has spent over twenty years touring globally in countries including Canada, The United States, Mexico, Africa, Dubai and The United Kingdom. He has recently worked with companies including The Good Life Fitness Corporation, Great West Life, MIG Insurance, International First Aid, St. Amant Centre, Rancho La Puerta, Manitoba Canola Growers, and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Most recently his new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness was named a top pick by Elevated Existence Magazine (New York) and a best seller at McNally Robinson

He is currently a regular columnist in The Balance Magazine and inspires thousands of people around the world with his daily intentions on social media.


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