Leading Requires Courage . . .

Clarity - Action - Results

Leading Requires Courage . . .

. . . to know who we are and how we want and need to be so that we can lead ourselves and others well.

In 2019, women in leadership, parity, inclusion, diversity and other related topics continue to be researched, written and strategized about.

Depending on our perspective, we see them as systemic opportunities, individual opportunities, or both.

My experience as a woman who has been in the C-suite, who has walked alongside and lead individuals and teams through periods of immense change, who now has the privilege to partner with others as an executive coach and strategic partner, and as a woman who knows that leading is hard work, I believe they are both systemic and individual opportunities.

Red Chair focuses on the individual, how we lead ourselves and others so that our organizations are achieving outcomes and targets.

Not because we need to prove ourselves. But because. . .

. . . those we lead deserve to be led by strong, caring, smart and achievement-oriented leaders.

. . . individuals deserve to be led by leaders who understand that engagement and voice is critical to business and organizational success.

. . . individuals deserve to be led by leaders who understand that the stronger individuals and teams are, the better able we and the organization can achieve targets and outcomes.

. . . and because organizations require thoughtful, systems thinking leaders who ‘get’ that leaders must lead with the head and the heart.

Aren’t those the type of leaders that we all want to work for and with?

To lead well, we need to . . .

. . . recognize and leverage our strengths.

. . . recognize and further develop our gaps and opportunities.

. . . understand that it is about the system and it is about the individual.

. . . invest time in ourselves.

Yet, when we are leading, we often have trouble finding enough time to eat lunch, let alone think about how we are doing.

Red Chair Leadership Immersion for Women provides women with space and time to reflect on how we are doing, how we want to be doing and how we can get ‘there’.

In a trusted group of smart, strong and caring women who desire to lead well, we will leverage the research and our collective experience, we will reflect on our leadership vision, identify and embrace our strengths and determine where we need to grow to increase our influence and effectiveness as women who lead.

If the time is right for you to invest in yourself in this way, come and join us!

Our teams and our organizations need us to be the best leaders we can be!

For registration information, please contact seecoaching@shaw.ca.

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