Leading Requires Us to be Present

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Leading Requires Us to be Present

In our busy, fast-paced, increasingly technological world, this can be challenging.

Meet Annie.

Annie is teaching me about the importance of being present.

She reminds me that leading is an ongoing journey. It requires us to have the courage to examine ourselves, what we do well, when we drop the ball, when we are distracted and how to stay present.

As you enjoy this Easter/long weekend, I invite you to take a little time and consider how present are you with those you lead and walk beside? Here are a few questions to get you started.

When was I present this week? How did that positively impact my ability to relate with others?

When did I struggle to be present? What got in my way?

What can I do differently to increase my ability to be present so I can be the best employee, leader, entrepreneur, partner, spouse, parent, friend?

I am learning that a horses’s ability to feel and sense is so much greater than ours. They know when we are present with them and when we are not. And they react accordingly.

You cannot fake it with horses. We can kind of fake it with people or can we?

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  1. Leslie says:

    Great Post Shannon! Just like the horse, staff react to a leaders being present with them.

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