Letting Go, Making Room, Moving Forward

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Letting Go, Making Room, Moving Forward

Red Chair Virtual Circle – Resiliency, Emotions and Me.

One of the things I am learning on my journey to better understand emotions and how they help us is that they are always true.

What we feel is what we feel.

When we recognize our emotions and the gifts they give us, we can make conscious choices about how to act. This is living an emotionally intelligent life. This is resiliency.

The emotion of sadness is one that I am becoming better friends with. What I am learning about sadness through the work of Karla McLaren, is that sadness is about “releasing and relaxing into yourself”. And to release, we need to breathe.

This spring, my husband and I made a major life change. We left our urban home of 21 years where we raised our two beautiful and intelligent daughters. We moved to 20 acres where I have a vision to create Red Chair Ranch. It will be the destination for those desiring to live an authentic life and lead with clarity and purpose. It will be a place where humans experience horses as coaches and healers.

It was a big decision and one that required us to let go and say good-bye to a home that was filled with laughter, tears, family and friends for many years. With my increased understanding of sadness, I allowed myself to acknowledge it, in myself and my family. What I came to appreciate was that I needed sadness to help me say good-bye. Sadness helped me let go. And to let go, I needed to breathe. And this is making room for the energy I need to create and embrace what is to come.

In a coaching with horses session yesterday, I started with a grounding and centering exercise. The strong and resilient woman I was coaching realized that her breath was shallow, stuck in her torso. As we worked through her focus for the afternoon with the horses, she began to let go and breathe. She left having moved out energy that was keeping her stuck. She left having opened up space for energy to help her take care of herself and lead her team, and with clarity on actions she wants to take.

Red Chair Virtual Circle – Resiliency, Emotions and Me Part 1 is an opportunity for women to explore the gifts that our emotions give us. We will learn some simple practices to help us breathe. We will talk about different emotions that we each feel and the gifts that they give us. And yes, we will talk about the emotion of sadness. We will come together and create the safe and trusted space of Red Chair that facilitates an authentic community of like-minded women. My herd will not join us online. They are available for onsite coaching.

If you are finding it hard to breathe. If you are feeling stuck. If you are curious and want to understand how emotions are your friend. If you desire a community of women who want to live authentically during our COVID reality, come and join us.

@ Red Chair coaching our vision is a connected world of courageous people who live intentionally from the head and the heart.


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