Coaching Philosophy

Clarity - Action - Results

Being a coaching client myself, I know that compatibility, a coach’s experience and philosophy are important considerations when selecting a coach.

As a coach, I believe that. . . 

At our core we have what we need, to be who we are meant to be.

We are whole and resourceful. When we take the time to look within, we find answers.

An important part of coaching is helping individuals recognize their successes and their strengths and think about how to leverage them.

We all have blind spots and they can hold us back. 

Data is an important part of the coaching process. It helps us create perspective and allows us to measure change.

We live and work within a system so context is an important part of the coaching conversation. 

Coaching conversations are part of the process. The action a person takes between conversations is what creates change and achieves goals.

The decision to act is the clients.

Trust is the foundation of the coaching partnership.