Red Chair Leadership Immersion: Define Your Vision as a Woman Who Leads

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Red Chair Leadership Immersion: Define Your Vision as a Woman Who Leads

Red Chair is that time and space that we take to reflect with purpose, engage with presence so we can drive with clarity. Our days our busy and when push comes to shove, we do what we know and feels comfortable. Sometimes this aligns with the way we want to lead ourselves and others. Sometimes, it is part of an old pattern that keeps us stuck.

Red Chair Leadership Immersion is an intensive two days where you choose to focus on you as a woman who leads. It is designed to facilitate purposeful reflection on your strengths, opportunities and habits. And it gives you time and space to define or refine your vision of leading yourself and others.

The small group format is purposeful. This facilitates a trusted space where individuals feel safe to celebrate their strengths, question their opportunities and habits and identify actions to take them forward.

Having now facilitated Leadership Immersion two times, I can confidently say that women experience a safe place where they can look inward. They leave with a greater awareness of who and how they are and who and how they want to be.

One of the women described her experience at the October offering of Leadership Immersion in this way.

“Leadership Immersion is probably the best program I have participated in, to date! The program helped me learn and affirm what my strengths are, but also the behaviours and habits I have that may be acting as barriers to my success. The format recognizes how busy we all are and gives participants the time and space to set a vision for the type of leader they want to be and to set goals towards achieving one’s vision. I can’t say enough good things about the program, and Shannon. Thank you!!”

The next offering of Red Chair Leadership Immersion is January 30 and 31st, 2020 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Winnipeg, MB. Early bird pricing ends on Monday, January, 7th. If you are ready to take some focused time on yourself as a woman who leads and set your course for 2020, register early to save your spot. Email for registration information.

This program is accredited by CPHR for 14.5 hours. Hours can also be used towards the CPA designation.


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