Red Chair: Leading with Courage – January 23/19

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Red Chair: Leading with Courage – January 23/19

On January 23, thirty strong, curious women came together in Winnipeg on a blustery evening to explore what it means to lead with courage. We talked about:

  • business, organizations and communities needing men and women who lead together well. As we examine how we lead, we do so through an inclusive lens.
  • women and men needing to be courageous in this VUCA environment.
  • the fact that there are differences in how men and women ‘are wired’. Understanding the differences can help us as we lead together.
  • Brene Brown’s definition of leading. We challenged ourselves to consider what part of that definition requires our focus right now.
  • what courage means and the fact that yes, it requires us to be vulnerable.

We listened to Lynne Skromeda, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Diane Roussin, Project Director, Winnipeg Boldness Project share stories of their leadership journeys and how they have and continue to practice courage. While we explored a serious topic, we found opportunities to laugh. Remember, it is important not to take yourself too seriously!

We engaged in table conversations where we supported and challenged one another about how we show up every day as women who lead.

We laughed. We ate. We enjoyed some wine.

We left with our Red Chair journals and weekly reflections that will challenge us to think deeper about how we lead.

We ended the evening with a little sparkle! Thank you to Hillberg and Berk for their generous donation and providing door prizes for each of our sessions that remind us we all have a sparkle within us.

Thank you to Kelly Morton photography for capturing the evening for us.

And thank you to Red River College for partnering with SEE Coaching and Consulting on this Red Chair Series and providing us with a beautiful, historic gathering place.

If you are curious and want to join us for the next three sessions or the one that works for your schedule, you can register for individual sessions on Event Brite.

March 7 Leading Authentically

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May 30 Leading Mindfully

Come and join a group of strong, courageous women who desire to make a difference in the lives and the organizations they have the privilege to influence and learn from.

Take some time to sit in your Red Chair and consider that “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

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