Red Chair Virtual Circle – April 27

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Red Chair Virtual Circle – April 27

Women who lead, as we prepare for our communities and workplaces to slowly “open up” over the next few months, how do we want to be? What is happening for us during this time of COVID-19 that is shaping who and how we are and who and how we want to be?

As a spirit animal, the snow leopard represents perception, awareness, and recognition not only of our surroundings but opportunities therein. Come and join us tonight at 7 p.m. CT to spend some time reflecting upon the past several weeks. What are you seeing that you didn’t see before? What have you done that you want to continue to do? What have you experienced that will impact how you lead in the emerging normal?

If you joined us previously, if you have participated in Red Chair before and feel now is the time to return, if you are curious about it and haven’t yet joined in, if you feel like an hour with a group of women who desire to lead themselves and others with power and grace is what you need right now, come and join us for an hour of dialogue and connection.There is no charge for this Series.

Here is the Zoom link and Meeting ID.

Join URL:

Meeting ID: 501 481 189

Have your journal or some paper and a pen with you.

Pour yourself a beverage – coffee, tea, water, wine.

Ensure you are somewhere you will not be interrupted. Leave your phone in another room, unless you are using it for the call. 🙂 Turn off incoming notifications on your computer.

Log on a few minutes early so that we can begin promptly at 7 p.m. CT.

I look forward to seeing you in your Red Chair tonight, Monday, April 27th!


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