Red Chair Virtual Circle

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Red Chair Virtual Circle

Women who lead, when we look back at this time in our lives, what do we want to be remembered for? How are we leading ourselves and others as we experience physical distance, disrupted routines and unsettling news?

I have the good fortune of having the support of some wonderful women who have dubbed themselves, The Council. They give me great ideas as I continue to build Red Chair programs for women who lead. On a video call late last week, they suggested I provide an opportunity for women to connect with one another as we experience this significant disruption.

I agreed.

So, starting on Monday, March 30th for 5 Mondays, I am offering the Red Chair Virtual Circle at 7 p.m. CT. No charge. Recognizing that many of you are on the phone or video calls a good part of the day, we will keep it to 40 minutes.

It will provide you with an opportunity to pause, reflect, connect and move forward with purpose. Our focus on March 30th is “being present”.

You are invited to attend from any time zone.

Here is the Zoom link and Meeting ID.

Meeting ID: 501 481 189

If you require phone access, please contact me directly.

Have your journal or some paper and a pen with you.

Pour yourself a beverage – coffee, tea, water, wine.

Ensure you are somewhere you will not be interrupted. Leave your phone in another room, unless you are using it for the call. 🙂 Turn off incoming notifications on your computer.

Log on a few minutes early so that we can begin promptly at 7 p.m. CT.

I look forward to seeing you in your Red Chair!


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