Red Chair Women Who Lead 2019 Series – Registration Ends Soon

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Red Chair Women Who Lead 2019 Series – Registration Ends Soon

This journey called life is every changing and continually presents us with opportunities to examine who we are and how we want to be.

We enter adulthood.

We go to school.

We start our careers.

We may get married.

We may start a family.

We achieve success.

We experience failure.

Our children grow up.

Our careers evolve.

We experience loss.

Our values change.

As life changes, we change with it.

We can let it happen to us. Or, we can choose to be present, practice courage and curiosity, and mindfully and purposely learn from our experiences and shape who we are.

When we do this with the support of others who help us see our strengths and encourage and support us to take risks, we are more apt to follow through and experience meaningful change.

Red Chair programs are about providing space to pause and focus on you as a woman who leads. When women come together in their Red Chairs, they choose to be curious, honest, authentic, introspective and respectful. And when that happens, conversation opens up. Accountability is welcomed. Change happens.

The Red Chair Women Who Lead Fall 2019 Series weaves together conversations that facilitate self reflection and dialogue about what it means to practice courage as we authentically lead ourselves and others. We will explore how we lead ourselves during times of change and how using emotions as information can help us move forward in a purposeful way. The Series is rich with information, relationship, support and accountability.

Registration for this Series ends on Friday, October 18th. If you are interested in joining a unique networking and professional development opportunity, choose to spend some time in your Red Chair. Click here to register now. Tickets for individual sessions will not be available for this Series.


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