The Story of Red Chair

Clarity - Action - Results

How it began . . .

On a warm, Saturday afternoon in August 2018, while sitting on the deck of the family cottage looking out over the water, two red chairs sat in my line of sight. As I reflected upon them and the emerging chapter of my life as a facilitator and coach, I sensed that they represented what was to come.

I reflected on these solid red chairs and how they provide a safe place to look out over the water. I thought about how at times our life is calm and everything seems so clear. And how often our life can feel unsettled and our line of sight is hazy.

A few weeks later as I was driving along the highway, I let my mind wander as I reflected on these two red chairs. What came up for me was that they represent a space. . . a space to reflect and engage so you can drive with clarity. Where you are curious, honest, authentic, introspective and respectful.

A few months later, I began to facilitate the space of Red Chair. I have been affirmed that the invitation of this safe and trusted space is needed and welcomed.

What is this space called Red Chair?

It is where you open yourself up to look at who and how you are and who and how you want to be.

Where you do so without judgement of yourself or others.

Where you acknowledge that which is not working. And celebrate that which is.

Where you practice the courage to name your vision, set your goals, and create your plan.

When you choose to be in your Red Chair with others, you:

  • Engage through active participation.
  • Contribute to a safe and trusted space.
  • Step into courage and share your journey.
  • Declare and act towards your goals.
  • Hold yourself and others accountable.

Being in your red chair is a gift. A gift that you give yourself on your journey to becoming the person you are meant to be.