Red Chair

Clarity - Action - Results

The Story of Red Chair

On a warm, Saturday afternoon in August 2018, while sitting on the deck of the family cottage looking out over the water, two red chairs sat in my line of sight. As I reflected upon them, I thought of how they represented the coaching relationship.

  • They are a sturdy and safe place to sit as one looks head.
  • You sit comfortably as you engage in a conversation with the person sitting in the chair beside you.
  • They are a comfortable place to sit and reflect on calm, warm days.
  • They keep you in place as you withstand the wind and the cold.
  • They provide a firm foundation from which you can experience your surroundings. 

I did not know how, but I knew this scene would factor into my coaching story.  

A few weeks later as I was driving on the highway, I let my mind explore how Red Chair might act as an acronym, providing a framework for an idea that was percolating about women in leadership. With clarity of thought, I came up with what has become Red Chair.

Red Chair is a conscious decision to make space and take time to focus on you.

When you sit in your Red Chair, you may be alone, with another person or in a group.

You sit in your Red Chair because you want to create clarity to inspire action that gets results.

When you participate in a Red Chair program with others or partner with a coach, you agree to:

 Reflect with Purpose
 Engage with Presence, so you can
 Drive with Clarity.

When we sit in our Red Chair we commit to being:


Current Programs

Red Chair: Women Who Lead Winter/Spring 2019 Series