Setting Your Personal Leadership Vision for 2020

Clarity - Action - Results

Setting Your Personal Leadership Vision for 2020

As I have given myself permission this past year to sit in my red chair, one of the things that I have become increasingly aware of is the power of intention.

As a woman who leads, intentionally taking time to reflect upon and learn about myself means I am more aware of my strengths and my opportunities. It reminds me of what I have accomplished and what it took to do those things. When I acknowledge and celebrate them, that energy helps move me forward.

Taking the time to intentionally clarify my purpose in the emerging chapter of my career has given me my ‘north star’. It informs the type of work that I want to do. This informs with whom I spend my time and where I focus my attention.

Being intentional about what I read impacts how I think. It adds to my knowledge. It challenges my assumptions. It expands my world view. All of this, opens me up to possibilities that I may not have seen before.

Being intentional about my relationships and how I want to grow and evolve my network means choosing with whom I spend my time. As women, we are wired to relate. With whom we relate can be purposeful and genuine at the same time. And it is okay to stop relating when that relationship is unhelpful to who and how we are.

As you look forward to 2020, how clear are you on your intentions as a woman who leads? How would you describe your level of clarity about your strengths? Your previous accomplishments? The habits that are holding you back? Your network? Your vision for the impact you want to have?

As you read this, if you are feeling like it is time to spend some time in your red chair, to reflect, vision and plan about how you want to be and what you want to accomplish in 2020, come and join me on January 30 and 31st, 2020 in Winnipeg for two intensive days designed to do just that. Email for more information and to secure your spot.


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