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Clarity - Action - Results

Taking Time To Feel

Our emotions are an important part of us. They give us information about how we are feeling. That seems like an obvious statement. However, how many times do we stuff them down or try to ignore them because we are afraid of what they are telling us? In my last blog post, I shared an…
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Making Space To Be Me

Earlier this week, I had the privilege to partner with a woman with a desire to clear some emotional and energetic debris to make way for who she is as a woman who leads. She came to Red Chair Ranch as a way to invest in herself in preparation for the emerging chapter on her…
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Why Horses Make Good Coaches

I had a call this afternoon that gave me the opportunity to share some stories of how Annie, my Arabian mare, helps people see, feel, let go, receive, find answers and move forward. Really? You might be thinking. Yes. And I say that with confidence as someone who has experienced and witnessed what coaching with…
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