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Clarity - Action - Results

Fall 2020 Red Chair Offerings

Women who lead . . . to lead ourselves and others, requires a willingness and vulnerability to learn about ourselves. And that learning never stops. Over time, we find that . . . Our environments evolve. Expectations change. Reporting structures shift. Our personal lives unfold. Each change impacts us. And how we adapt to and…
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Red Chair Virtual Circle – April 20

The focus of April 20th’s Red Chair Virtual Circle is “celebrating me”. Over the 60 minutes that we are together in our Red Chairs, we will spend time reflecting on what we are doing well during this unique time in our life. We are weeks into this time of physical distancing, children doing schoolwork from…
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A Day in Your Red Chair – May 2020

Women Who Lead, if you could spend a day with a group of women in a trusted and supportive space to gain greater clarity about your would you? If you spent a day like that and were asked to commit to continuing your self-exploration in the summer with the support of your accountable partners .…
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Red Chair Leadership Immersion: Define Your Vision as a Woman Who Leads

Red Chair is that time and space that we take to reflect with purpose, engage with presence so we can drive with clarity. Our days our busy and when push comes to shove, we do what we know and feels comfortable. Sometimes this aligns with the way we want to lead ourselves and others. Sometimes,…
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Red Chair Women Who Lead 2019 Series – Registration Ends Soon

This journey called life is every changing and continually presents us with opportunities to examine who we are and how we want to be. We enter adulthood. We go to school. We start our careers. We may get married. We may start a family. We achieve success. We experience failure. Our children grow up. Our…
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