Take the Time to Look . . .

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Take the Time to Look . . .

. . . and you may be surprised at what you find.

In March, I started my journey with horse.

It took courage to begin this journey as I sensed early on that it would challenge me in ways I had not been challenged before. I also sensed that I would learn and grow in ways I had not before. I was right about both.

This journey has been filled with tears, laughter, gratitude and lots of learning.

And the learning continues every day.

This journey brought Annie and I together as coaching partners. Coaching with Annie has had profound impacts on those who have trusted us to work with them on their journey. It is teaching me how to coach with these vibrational, non-judgement beings who can hold space for us humans as we figure out who and how we are meant to be.

One of the many things that this wise, beautiful, Arabian mare is teaching me, is to look beyond and underneath.

She demonstrated this for me one beautiful, winter afternoon as the sun set. And she demonstrated it again for me this sunny, blue-sky morning, the last day of 2019 and the decade.

As I observed her and paid attention to what was going on inside of me, I was reminded that it is good to look beyond the borders, or in her case, the panels of the round pen. I wondered what she saw that informs her sense of her environment? And as I reflected on this, it caused me to pause and consider, what do I see?

And then she demonstrated the importance of looking underneath as she moved the snow with her hoofs to find the grass. The grass that helps sustain her and which she loves. She sensed it was there. She just needed to get to it. So she did.

As I watched her today, as she observed what was happening outside the borders of the pen and making way to find the grass, it was a timely reminder to me to do the same. To look beyond. To look underneath. To see what is there. To see the potential and to move what I need to move to get to it.

As you say good-bye to 2019 and walk into a new year and new decade, I invite you to take some time and for some of you, to exercise the courage, to look beyond and to look underneath to really see. Spend some time in your red chair to consider what you want this new year and new decade to be for you? What are the possibilities? Can you see them? Are you ready to make the changes, do the work, and create the life you believe is meant for you?

Partnering with a coach has been helpful for me. As a coach, it is a privilege to partner with others on their journeys, to help them see the possibilities and set a plan in place to achieve them. And often, that requires taking time to see what is beyond and underneath.

If you sense a coaching partnership would be helpful for you as you begin this new year and this new decade, let’s have a conversation. We can co-create a partnership, which may include Annie, to support you as you journey forward.

Happy New Year!

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