Taking Time To Feel

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Taking Time To Feel

Our emotions are an important part of us. They give us information about how we are feeling. That seems like an obvious statement. However, how many times do we stuff them down or try to ignore them because we are afraid of what they are telling us?

In my last blog post, I shared an experience I had this spring with sadness. What I did not share was that another emotion I felt during that intense time of transition, was joy. When we are experiencing joy, we are focused on what is right, perfect and good. “Joy is the feeling of being fully in the moment, accepting, appreciating, experiencing, and being one with all.” (K. Pike, Coaching with Horses).

One of the things that brought me joy was the sheer experience of being at Red Chair Ranch, the peaceful energy, the beauty of the land, and of course, the horses. I also experienced joy with the marriage of our oldest daughter, here at our new home. Knowing that she has found her sole mate, witnessing their commitment to one another that has a strong foundation of friendship and love, brought me joy.

Sadness helped me let go. Taking in the beauty of the wedding and all that came with it, gave me joy. And with both, came tears.

Our emotions are like water. They are meant to move and flow. All of them. The ones that feel good and the ones that do not feel so good. When we acknowledge them and invite them to help us experience and move through life, they give us helpful information to process and make decisions. And when we live this way, using our emotions and our intellect, we live a more conscious life.

Are you curious? Come and join the safe and trusted space of Red Chair to learn more. Red Chair Virtual Circle starts October 19 at 7 p.m. and runs bi-weekly for 4 sessions.

“When you start to walk on the way, the way appears” – Rumi

@ Red Chair Coaching our vision is a connected world of courageous people who live intentionally from the head and the heart.


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