Why Join Red Chair?

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Why Join Red Chair?

Over the holidays, I read Michelle Obama’s book Becoming. I was struck by her candor and her stories.

Her definition of “becoming” resonated with me. “For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self.”

This past year was a year of discovery in my journey of becoming. How do I best use my gifts and share my experience and knowledge as an executive, a professional, a working mother, a coach, and as a woman who leads?

As part of my exploration, I spent time talking with leaders in Winnipeg from various industries and organizations. They shared their stories of becoming. As they did, I was reminded of the need for connection and ‘real’ opportunities to learn with and from one another.  

In November, I piloted Red Chair: Women Who Lead, an opportunity for women to come together to learn with and from one another. I was struck by the candor and the connection that occurred over the course of two and half hours in a group of 50 women, many who had never met before. Together we created a safe space to share stories and talk about the challenges of leading by example. Individuals left energized and wanting more.

The Red Chair Winter/Spring 2019 Series is designed to keep the conversation going.

It is a transformative women’s leadership program designed to help you lead with power and purpose in work and life. This cohort-based program will put you side by side with other powerful female leaders as you learn together, from each other and from other thought leaders in the community.

This program provides
• A trusting space where you learn from one another
• The opportunity to explore your strengths and opportunities
• Open-hearted accountability
• Space to laugh, breathe, and re-energize.

The four sessions in the program weave together themes that will push you to reflect upon yourself as a woman who leads and set a course of action to lead with more grace and power. Women at the inaugural Red Chair session, described it as . . .

A wonderful combination of research, stimulating speakers and relevant discussion. I especially liked the questions that guided our table conversations and the call to action.

On January 23, we will explore what it means to lead with courage and passion. Lynne Skromeda and Diane Roussin will share their stories of courage as two women who have followed their passion. In our table conversations, we will explore what leading courageously means to us, and commit to a call to action.

On March 7, we will follow the same format and hear the stories of Mariette Mulaire and Christine Watson as they each share their journeys of leading authentically.

On April 11, we will explore what it means to ‘lead me’ through change. I will facilitate this interactive workshop, leveraging my 20+ years of walking beside and leading others during periods of organizational and personal change. We will look at how we lead ourselves, so we can best lead others.

The Series will end with an interactive and energizing workshop with Keith Macpherson on May 30. Keith’s career is taking off and we are fortunate to have him join the Red Chair community with his workshop Making Sense of Mindfulness. He has recently published a book, Making Sense of Mindfulness in case you want to learn more before the session.

To answer the question, why join Red Chair? To be part of a trusted community of women who are making time to focus on themselves, who recognize they are on the continuous journey of becoming.

This is a rich Series, designed for women in leadership and professional roles who want to create and participate in a trusted community. Spots are filling up! Invest in the 4-part Series and receive one hour of executive coaching. Individual sessions will be on sale the week of January 14 based on availability.

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