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Your Facilitator and Coach for the Day

Shannon Leppky

In 2017, after many years of successfully leading and facilitating change within education and business and having made it to the executive boardroom, Shannon choose to make a change. Her path since then has included attaining her Professional Coaching Certification through the College of Executive Coaching in California and becoming an entrepreneur.

Shannon partners with individuals as their coach. Her emerging Red Chair programs have been focused on providing a safe and trusted space for women on their personal and professional journey.

In spring 2020, Shannon will be certified as an Equine Facilitated Coach through the Academy of Coaching with Horses in Colorado. She is looking forward to introducing this work to others at Red Chair Ranch.

Shannon has talked with many women who are wondering what’s next, wondering why they are not achieving what they want, or finding themselves at a place in their life where it feels like there is something more for them. 

She is excited to facilitate this Red Chair experience designed to help answer those types of questions. She will provide information and facilitate conversation and self-reflection to help women who lead explore their red; some of those foundational elements that inform and enable us to be who and how we want to be.